1 I learned  if a killer bee stings you you might or will die.2 I learned that if you cut a tree you can tell how old it is.3 I Learned that not all big insects can do a lot of harm.                                          1 I   Learned   That diamond Betsy  Died bye  drowning   Instead  of   Being killed.        2.   I.  Learned that  Jeforson  had.  A. Little fountain for people ,hores,and dogs.     3I learned that back then the girls had to ware long dresses to cover their ankles, because they were not allowed to show their ankles.

The Rose Angel

The rose angel scientific classification name is caryophyllaceae, and its scientific name is viscaria oculata. The rose angel grows all over South America. The genral information about the flower is its height is 8-20 inches long, and the blooming period is May-September. The average seed per pound is 4,250,000.998da7

Califonia Blue Bell

The California Blue Bell is shaped like a bell shaped flower. It’s scientific name is Hydrophy llaceae. It grows in the South West part of Texas. The blooming  period is Febuary thourgh June, and thevheigh of  the flower is eight thourgh twenty four inches. The petal color is blue because it is called a  California Blue Bell. The soil temperature of the flower is sixty to seventy degrees, and the California Blue Bell likes the shade. The other info is the time formseed to flower is up to 15 thourg 30 day’s, and the planting depth is one thourgh sixteen inches.

I found my wild flower picture in wild flowers in bloom.   




Paradise Called Texas

We are reading about Willow Creek  and the main characters are Mina, Papa, Daniel, Amaya , and Lisette, in the third story of the book was a gallop the gallop was about when Amaya , and Mina has a secret sign sister and it is where Mina, or Amaya put’s one finger on their head, and two fingers on their mouth we also are learning that Lisette is going to have another baby. We learned that Mina was friends with the indians that lived near them. There  is another story how Mina, and Amaya  were riding aroud, and a chomanch takes Mina and Tucan,  Mina tried to escape by spitting in the she could get off, the comanche grab her by the ankle while he was still ridding, and Mina got hurt so bad that all her skin that was on her hands wasen’t there any more, then she finally escaped and found Tucan and started to look for papa, when she found papa he took Mina to a spanish girl to heal Mina’s hands and wrap her hands then up, then they went back into the cabin to see baby Peter.

The Hot Air Balloon


I learned today how, if  you need to get down  fast, because there is a storm  you need to pull a red rope, because it let’s out hot air. When you let the hot air out you will land on the ground and get to safety as fast as you can. When your in a hot air balloon you need to make sure the wind is the way you need it to go somewhere, if not you can rotate it by… pulling a string, so you will go the right way. When your in a hot air balloon, and you’re trying to get the balloon up, all you need to do is put a little bit of  hot air in the balloon to go up it also go’s up to five thousand cubic units. When you fly a hot air balloon you don’t want to fly high because you will run out of oxygen and you need oxygen to breath, so you won’t die.

The Best Gift

The best gift I have ever given was, a doctor kit because someone could of fellen and got hurt. Then we could get the dotor kit and put a band dade on them if the wher bliding so i gave it to my neighbor Jandon. Because I didn’t need it, he did. That was my best gift ever. ps he really need it.