The Spiritual Girl

Posted on October 5, 2018

“The Spiritual Girl” is about three young girls in their teens who set out for adventure, but not the one you would think. They have to face obstacles in order to save their world! Will they make it? Or will it be the end of their time!?

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Natalia. She lived in a small grey house along a beach. She was sweet but very shy. She was out skipping around the beach with her friend Scarlet…when she saw something. At first, she just thought she was imagining things, so she didn’t pay much attention to it.
The next day, Natalia and her friend Scarlet went for a walk around the neighborhood. They were laughing and having a good time, but then again Natalia saw the same thing she did yesterday. She had a panicked look on her face. Scarlet had asked if something was wrong, but Natalia just said “yeah, yeah everything is perfectly fine I’m just imagining things. Scarlet thought to herself for a second, she knew that Natalia was hiding something, but what? She was determined to figure it out, so she asked again.
“Natalia I know something is wrong we have been for six years now. What’s going on with you?” Now, Natalia had no choice but to tell Scarlet what she was seeing, so without a doubt, she said “Scarlet… I have been seeing things. I’m not sure what, but they look kind of like… Angels. Scarlet looked at her like she was crazy. A few seconds afterward Scarlet had just started walking forward. Not soon after Natalia followed. No one had said a word for a couple of minutes.
Natalia had gotten tired of them walking in silence so she asked, “Did you believe me when I said I was seeing an angel?” Scarlet looked at her before saying a word. “Natalia, I do believe you. Natalia sighed in relief. “So you don’t think I’m crazy or anything?” No, I don’t.” Scarlet had said. The two of them walked home after a long night of secret’s being spilled. All night long Natalia would lie awake. She thought to herself, “What if Scarlet was seeing the same things as me? What if that’s the reason why she doesn’t think I’m crazy.” The next morning Natalia and Scarlet went out for a morning walk like they had always done. Scarlet had noticed that Natalia didn’t get much sleep last night. She had bags under her eyes and she could barely keep them open. Scarlet so caring, like always had asked her if Natalia went to sleep last night. Natalia had replied tiredly “No I didn’t I stayed up all night….I just couldn’t get any sleep.” Natalia had lied, but she had to because she didn’t want Scarlet to know what she was really thinking. Scarlet knew that she had lied, but she didn’t bother with asking why she did. Scarlet was worried about Natalia. She thought to herself, “How will I be able to tell Natalia she’s not the only one seeing things….and that I’m the reason why she is seeing all those things?” Scarlet thought for a second then she just thought to herself that she wouldn’t tell her at all. Now that Natalia saw that Scarlet was being solicitous she started to worry even more.

Scarlet knew she would have to test Natalia, but she also knew it wasn’t going to be easy. She would have to come up with a way, lie to her, and then see if she passes. There is a “Spiritual” test for every person with the power to “see” things, and Natalia is one out of the three.
A few weeks have gone by, and yet Scarlet still has to test Natalia. She thought to herself “Why not do it now? It would make things easier, and faster.” So Scarlet thought and thought until…. she finally figured out how. Scarlet would have to find her own problems and ask Natalia for help if Natalia uses big and deep words it means she is Spiritual. Then again, if she doesn’t then that’s bad news. “Natalia?” Scarlet had said. “Yes?” Replied Natalia nervously. “I need your help with something.” ‘Yeah sure, anything for you.” “Ok well, I have been having problems with my grandfather. He has been acting…well strange. “Strange how? Natalia asked without hesitation.
“Well, I’m not sure he just hasn’t been himself lately. Natalia had thought for a second. “Scarlet, maybe you could ask him about it, or inform him that you’re worried about him. He could be overturned, or upset, that you have been spending a lot of time with me instead of him. Scarlet knew right then and there that Natalia is, in fact, spiritual very spiritual.
Now that Scarlet knows how spiritual Natalia really is there’s only one thing left to do. Scarlet is going to have to tell Natalia her secret. “You see I just can’t say, oh Natalia guess what I see things too that’s why I believed you in the first place” it doesn’t work like that. “This will be much harder than I thought,” Scarlet said to herself in her mind. The next night Scarlet was laying in bed trying to figure out how to tell Natalia that she was a spiritual girl too, but she didn’t know how.
Day’s had passed and Natalia and Scarlet went off into the woods just to wander around. Natalia, on the other hand, was frighted. Scarlet and her walking through the woods didn’t seem like a good idea, and it wasn’t. When Natalia and Scarlet reached a river Natalia was seeing A lot more “Angel’s than she had ever before. This time she wasn’t all that scared.

Natalia didn’t notice that the “Angels” were getting closer to the second. She tried to close her eyes and hope they went away, but they never did. She started to panic as they started to touch her. She yelled for Scarlet to help her, “Scarlet please you have to help me they are trying to kill me!!!!”

Scarlet jumped in front of Natalia holding a magical stone that had some type of symbol on it. Natalia couldn’t understand the words Scarlet was saying. Scarlet kept chanting the words “Om Mani Padme Hum, muh medap inam mo!” Suddenly all the “Angels” disappeared right into thin air nothing was left there but the forest itself. Natalia and Scarlet had both been teleported to the “Spirit Realm.” Scarlet had never been there before so she had no idea how to escape. Natalia just lay there unconscious. Scarlet had then woke Natalia up with a spell. When Natalia awoke she was very confused and afraid. Scarlet tried to explain, but Natali bombarded her with questions,
“How did you make them disappear? You made us disappear. What did you use to do that? Can you see the things I can see?” Scarlet sighed then slowly answered,

“Yes I made us disappear, but we somehow ended up in the “Spirit Realm.” Scarlet had explained. She had told Natalia that she was part of the P.I.G (paranormal investigation group.) Scarlet had also said that there was magic involved magic from stones and from wands. Natalia had listened, but she couldn’t see scarlet’s face from the darkness. “Scarlet?” Natalia has asked. “Yes, Natalia?” Scarlet said in relief. “Could you maybe give us some light so we know where we are going to get out of here?” Scarlet, of course, said yes so she pulled out her wand and chanted “Lumos.” Right then and there the room filled with light.

As soon as Natalia looked around to see what was happening her face turned pale. There where spirit’s everywhere. She didn’t know what to do, so she just sat there, blankly staring at the ground. Scarlet had helped Natalia up from the ground and had then started to work on a plan. Day after day, night after night, Natalia and Scarlet couldn’t find a way out. They starting thinking they would never get out of there, but then Scarlet realized the only way to escape was to kill them all. She had figured out that they weren’t “Angels” they were demons. The only way that they will be able to escape was if Natalia were to kill them, but since she is new she has no idea how. She is the strongest out of the three as well.

Natalia and Scarlet had found a map while walking around. The map showed a picture of a snake-like rock, an “Angel” statue broken in two, and then a bunch of rocks that hung off the top. Scarlet thought that if they had followed the map that it just might lead them out. Of course, Natalia asked if it would be a good idea because if they were to follow it and it was wrong…they could get even more lost.
“Natalia we should follow this map. It could lead us out of this place.” Scarlet had exclaimed. Natalia hesitated before speaking. “Well, ok if you think it will get us out of here I am willing to do so.” Scarlet looked relieved that Natalia was actually going to be able to cooperate with her. The girls started walking straight ahead since it was the only way to go. Not too long afterward Natalia had spotted the snake-like rocks. “Look it’s the rock that’s is shown on the map!” Natalia had shouted excited to see it. They walked up to it. Scarlet had examined the rock. “The only way to get past it is to go through the mouth, but that like six feet in the air.” Luckily for them, they took three years of gymnastics when they were younger.

Natalia just stared at it for a moment trying to figure out the angles and everything. Once she had got it right she took a few steps back and ran towards it jumping on the side, then running up it and into the mouth. Scarlet just stood there in amazement. “How did you do that after all these years of not doing gymnastics?” Scarlet had questioned.

“Easy just measure the angles and run, jump, and climb,” Natalia explained, but Scarlet was a little afraid. Even though she was afraid she knew she had to do it, so she followed the steps exactly and made it up the wall. She sighed in relief. They both started down the mouth of the snake until they heard a noise. It sounded like a young teenage girl. They ran down the snake’s mouth to see what it was. To their surprise, it was a thirteen-year-old girl. “Hello, I’m Natalia. Who are you?” Natalia had asked confused about to why she was here.

“I-I I’m Lillie.” She said confused and afraid. Scarlet had recognized that name. “Are you one of the three? One of us a P.I.G?” Scarlet asked. Lillie looked at her like she was one of them too. “Yes, in fact, I am. I came here to figure out how to stop these things, but when I got here I got lost. I have been here for almost four years.” Natalia had looked at her. She looked fragile and scared. After a few moment, Natalia held out her hand to help Lillie up. “Thanks,” she said. “No problem.” Natalia smiled happily to have someone just like Scarlet and her to help them get out. The three of them once again started forward. A few hours have gone by and they have finally made it out of that dark, scary, black hole of nothingness. The girls had hoped that this trip to get out of here wouldn’t take long, and their hope came true.

It was only a matter of days when they stumbled upon the “Angel statue.” Lillie looked at it for a moment and she noticed some rocks and edges connected to it. “Wait!” Lillie yelled. What? What is it? Natalia asked. “Look, if you look at the statue, and look around it there are rocks and edges connected to it. I have read about this, if we make one wrong move, or step we could get ourselves killed.” The girls looked at it and saw what she was talking about. One after the other the girls stepped carefully until Natalia didn’t see an edge and she had stepped on it.

“Oh no I stepped on a ledge!!!!” She yelled. Before they knew it the whole place around the statue started rumbling and the rocks from the top were crashing down. “Guy’s we gotta get out of here!” Scarlet said in terror. The girls ran out of there as fast as they could. Only two of them made it out before Lillie realized Natalia wasn’t with them. “Oh no, Natalia is still back there I got to go save her!” Lillie said hoping she could save Natalia. “No! you can’t go back in there you will both die!” Scarlet yelled. “I have to.” Lillie ran back in there faster than she had ever done. “Natalia! Natalia! She yelled readily. “I’m over here,” she screamed. “Watch out!” but before she could even look up to see what she said “watch out” to Lillie had pushed her out of the way both girls landing on the floor. “You ok?” Lillie asked. “Yeah, fine, but we still got to get outta here.” Lillie grabbed Natalia’s hand and lead them both out of there.
Scarlet was starting to worry. She didn’t know if they were going to make it or not, but then she saw two shadow figure and to her surprise, it was Natalia and Lillie. “Thank goodness you guys are ok,” Scarlet said sighing. “Ok, so the next place is the rocks.” Lillie proclaimed. “Yeah, that shouldn’t be too hard to get by, right?” Natalia asked in fear. ‘Well from my knowledge, after we pass the rocks, if we make it out alive we must defeat the king of this place.” Lillie said sounding somewhat confident. The girls went on to get out of this place.

At this point, they would do anything to get out of here. They have been in there for almost a few weeks with nothing but water. They have walked on and on and on, trap after trap, trying to stay strong. After seven days passed they had reached the rocks. Scarlet examined them she thought to herself “This seems almost too easy.” “Guys hold on,” Scarlet said certainly she would find something wrong about this. She pulled some powder out from her “emergency kit.” She blew at the powder and the powder went everywhere revealing trap lasers. “Look, guys there are trap lasers,” Scarlet mentioned. Natalia gave her a confused looked

“Trap lasers?” she said questioning her. Yeah it says if you touch them it sounds an alarm and it makes all these rocks fall, and if one of these rocks were to puncture you they could kill you because of how poisonous they are.” Scarlet informed them. “oh well, isn’t that something for us.” Natalia said sarcastically. Al, right girls, this may take us a few hours maybe even day’s to get passed this so let’s get a move on” Lillie said in a commanding voice. They all three looked carefully step by step making sure they were extra careful, but Natalia had felt something swift past her. Next thing they know loud sounds starting blaring in their ears. “OH NO SOMEONE STEPPED ON THE TRAP LASERS,” Scarlet said screaming at the top of her lungs. “NO NO ONE STEPPED ON IT SOMETHING DID!” Natalia replied back.

“GUYS WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!” Lillie said almost not being able to be heard. The walls started moving closer to them by the second. Rocks falling down nearly touching them. Natalia and Lillie had made it out, but Scarlet was still trapped. “Where’s Scarlet?” Natalia asked. “I think she is still in there we have to help her!” Lillie said in tears. “I’ll go,” Natalia said bravely, but before she could go back in there everything crashed down on the floor. “SCARLET NOO,” Natalia screamed while crying. Natalia rushed back to see if Scarlet had lived. “Cmon! Cmon!” She had said to herself. She started picking the rocks up fast, but carefully trying to find Scarlet. A few Hours has passed and there was no luck. Lillie ran by Natalia saying she found Scarlet. “Natalia I found her. Come quick!” Lillie said upset. “Look right there.” Natalia gasped in fear. “Scarlet?” She said softly. “Scarlet cmon on wake up.” Natalia couldn’t bear to find out that Scarlet had been killed. “Natalia,” Lillie said shaking in anger. “S-s-she’s dead.”

“NO! SHE CAN’T BE DEAD!” Natalia yelled. Lillie picked Natalia up dragging her by the hand “Come now we must go on we have to defeat this thing, and if we do there may be a way to bring Scarlet back to life, but for now we must stay strong. The Two of them still had a long trip ahead they still had to defeat the ruler of the realm, but could they do it alone? After a devastating loss, the girls continued on their trip. “Next stop to defeat the ruler,” Natalia said extremely sadden. The girls had no idea how they were going to defeat the ruler if it was even possible. They longed for their journey to be over they were tired and almost ready to just give up. They knew they had to keep going for their sake and for Scarlet’s sake. For the next few days, the girls had rested. They were going to need all the strength and luck they could get, in order to fight the ruler.

When they had their strength back the two of them continued on their trip. It’s been a few days since they had lost Scarlet, and they almost to the end. Not too long after they had been walking for what seemed like forever they stumbled upon the ruler’s throne. He was sitting there big, scary, mean-like.

Lillie walked up to him without even thinking and said, “Hi, I’m Lillie and this is my friend Natalia. We would really appreciate it if you would like to get us out of this dump.” She said angrily folding her fists. The ruler suddenly looked down he had glowing red eyes and he looked like a shadowy figure. “How dare you call this place a dump! You wish to get out of this place, don’t you? Well then, you’re going to have to defeat me!” He laughed evilly. Lillie looked like she took it as a joke.

“Fight you, you say?” Lillie said giggling a little. “Your on!” She said with an “im going to defeat you” voice. “Let’s do this” The ruler laughed knowing he would have the likely chance of winning. The girl’s got in their circle and yelled, “BY THE POWER OF THE THREE YOU SHALL NOT CONTINUE TO RUIN THE GENERATION WE NATALIA, LILLIE, AND SCARLET COMAND YOU GONE!”

At that moment a bright light shun so bright that when it hit the Dark lord, but it had done nothing. The girls were in shock. Now, it was time for the Dark Lord’s move. He jerked back his arms, and created a light bolt out of spirit’s. It had hit Scarlet and Lillie, but missed Natalia. Natalia looked back to see what it had done to her friends. They were both on the ground unconscious. ¨Y-Y- YOU MONSTER!!!!¨ Natalia yelled in anger. The next the you know Natalia start’s lighting up like the brightest light you couldn’t even look at her. After the bright light struck towards the Dark Lord hitting him right in the chest. The Dark Lord screamed in pain as he vanished into thin air. And for Natalia and Lillie they were ok.

From that day forward, Natalia, Lillie, and Scarlet all swore that they would continue to save their world, but will the keep doing it on their own? Or will they have someone else’s help?

Part 2 coming soon!

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