In Malala, she is a girl who has a rough life. Malala is a pakistani girl who doesn’t want to become a teen, because when she becomes a teen she will have to cover herself with brock. Malala knows about the taliban and how they want to terrorize the citizens. She knows how they use fear to control them. Malala knows about the bombings that have been happening, and that she has been very scared. She does not know why the taliban wanted to terrorize the citizens to take control. The taliban bombing the citizens has gotten bad. The power went out during a bomb for at least an hour or more. Malala knew that all of this was wrong, and that she had to stand up for what was right. She wanted to go to school and get education, but girls were not allowed to go to school. Some schools have been bombed, and now children don’t have education.. Malala knew the bombing was going to happen, because the taliban said they were going to bomb them. The taliban was like a bully for Malala. The book says ‘’two young men in white robes stepped in front of our truck and said,” Is this the Khushal school bus?” One of them asked. The driver laughed. The name of the school was painted in black letters on the side of the bus. The other young man jumped onto the tailboard and leaned into the back, where we were all sitting. “ Who is Malala?” he asked. No one said a word, but a few girls looked in my direction. He raised his arm and pointed at me. Some of the girls screamed,and I squeezed Moniba’s hand “Who is Malala? I am malala and this is my story.”

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Martin was a african american who was enthusiastic he made a speech “I have a dream” speech.He was enthusistic to people about freedom and equality,and his real name was Michale not martin

Christmas and New Years

2014 was great,because during Christmas we got two weeks off of school. When those two weeks were going by i was at my house opening presents on Christmas and i got a tablet i played on it all day. Then a week later on Thursday it was New Years and it was finally 2015. For 2015 my uncle took me to picnic park to play freezbee golf,it was pretty fun,because i started to win on the first, second, third,fourth,fith,sixth, seventh,and eighth hole but when his disc hit the lines he made a pare and he won!